HALL No. 3
9.00-13.00 Discussion and practical session: HUMANS AND IMPLANTS: FRIENDSHIP FOR LIFE?

9.00-10.30 Implants in facial contouring surgery.
Moderator: A.R. Andreishchev
Panelists: A.S. Guryanov, D.G. Agapov, E.S. Bagnenko, K.E. Avdoshenko, M.G. Semeno, and A.A. Safonov

10.30-12.00 Implants in breast reshaping. Analysis of long-term results of augmentation mammaplasty in identical twins.
Moderator: A.M. Borovikov
Panelists: A.H. Ismagilov, M.K. Sviridov

12.00-13.00 Implants in body contouring surgery.
Moderator: I.G. Marinicheva
13.00-13.15 Break

13.15-15.15 Session: FACIAL REJUVENATION Joint session with IMCAS
Moderator: S. Garson, I. Khrustaleva
Periorbital Approach the gold quest.
13.15-13.35 Correcting malar mouds. Dr. Giovanni Botti
13.35-13.55 Lower blepharoplasty, controlling light and shadow with fat transposition. Dr. Carlos Neves
13.55-14.15 Canthal support and upper lid access for lower blepharoplasty:Periocular update. Dr. Javier Beut
14.15-14.35 How to treat the eyelid cheek junction and reconstruct the ORL? Dr. Sébastien Garson
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