Benjamin Ascher

Doctor Benjamin ASCHER is a plastic surgeon, he received a full education, first in hospital, then in clinic. He was trained as an intern, then as head of clinic, in general surgery, in maxillofacial surgery, and specialized in aesthetic, plastic and restorative surgery. He has developed in 20 years many effective techniques both surgical and medical. A pioneer in France in botulinum toxin, Doctor Benjamin Ascher is a specialist in aesthetic, plastic and restorative surgery. He heads the IENA Center in France and is a member of the Society and the National Syndicate and the College of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Doctor Benjamin Ascher treated his first patients and published in 1993 on his aesthetic indications. He has conducted numerous studies that have greatly contributed to authorizations to use these products and is today one of the only investigators to direct work on the three botulinum toxins available in Europe.